Walking 'Tour for Muggles' Review

Tour for Muggles

Mode of Travel: walking with a tube journey (tube card required).
Duration: approximately 2.5 hours.
Cost: £14 and £12 for kids aged 11 years old and under.
Language: All tours are in English.
Capacity: 20 muggles per tour.

We booked our tour online about a month before we were due to go to London. The website was easy to use and I managed to book very quickly.

I received a booking confirmation email.
Followed by a second email the day before the tour stating our guide, a contact telephone number and all information we could possibly need.
The last email came after the tour on the same day, thanking us.
I found this very attentive and bloody useful for someone like me who easily forgets bits and bobs!

Myself and my friend Stacey arrived at the meeting point (which was dead easy to find) at 10.50am.
Our tour was scheduled to start at 11.00am.
The guide Joseph Lockhart arrived at 10.55am and was easy to identify and find.

As soon as we approached Joseph he was kind, friendly and made us instantly feel comfortable.
Other people started to arrive, he was ace, made sure he spoke to everyone and got to know at least one thing about each person on the tour.

We had quite a few children turn up for the tour and the guide dealt so well with the mix of kids and adults.
He managed to keep everyone inline and keep the tour moving even with talkative children! (you know what I mean)

We set of on the tour, Joseph made sure everyone kept up, was calm and attentive when we had road crossings and in the tube station making sure everyone was together and that everyone was comfortable.

Literally our guide knew SOOOO MUCH! Proper knowledgeable on Harry Potter. Every single stop on the tour he filled our heads with more facts and knowledge than I thought was possible.
He was engaging and kept everyone interested.
He added questions, quizzes and extra little facts in all the right places.

During the tour we came across other tour groups, Joseph had great interaction's with them. Throwing hexes and jinx as we all ran away haha it was brilliant!

I don't want to give away all the awesome locations that we were taken to but we got to discover the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley, the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and also where Lord Voldemorts Death Eaters caused havoc!
My favourite pat of the tour however I will share! We got to walk down the Alley that gave J.K Rowling her inspiration for Knockturn Alley :) 

Joseph had an awesome knowledge of not only Harry Potter but also the history of London and magic within London.

Myself and Stacey were blown away at how in depth and the thoroughness of this tour!
Highly recommended from this Slytherin!