My 5th Visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for 2017's Dark Arts!


28th October 2017 - 6.00pm Tour

Myself and my friend Stacey arrived at the tour and hour early so we could go through bag checks, pop to the toilet, grab a drink and do our shopping in the studio shop!
I will not confess how much we spent in the shop but if you've been... well... you'll know! haha

The shop front had even been decked out with amazing Slytherin and Dark Arts bits and bobs! 
I may have slightly fallen in love with these displays!

This beauty was in the main entrance area gaining a lot of attention!

We popped our bags in the clock room so we had nothing to carry around the tour.
At 5.30pm we went to queue up. As it was really quiet at this time we got to pop in earlier than our tour start time which was brilliant.

The talk at the start as normal was engaging and insightful. Followed by the cinema screening that I've now watched 5 times and still love haha!

Once thorough the Great Hall doors this time though.... wooooooooooooooooooowwwwww!

The pumpkins were incredible! These were actually special effects added to the films however they have been created and strung in the great hall for all fans to gape at in amazement!

As we went through the tour we realised the pumpkins were not the only new thing added for DARK ARTS! That vile woman Umbridge had her own area. That pink sets my teeth on edge!

Then round the next corner!! Snot, Blood and Drool! Fans could see and feel exactly what these special effects were like. After learning and seeing the drool I feel really bad for Rupert!

I noticed a lot of different props and items I hadn't seen/noticed before on previous tours!
This is part of the magic mind... 5th tour and still seeing new and epic things!

I haven't downloaded the photo from the internet but we did visit the green screen area!
The queue for photos was short and moved quickly enough. They found everyone the robes of their houses for each of the photos.
Staff were very efficient getting everyone through the green screens.
Only myself went on the broomstick and as I have done this 4 times before I asked if i could just have the photos. The chap who was taking them seemed quite chuffed I only wanted photos this close to the end of the day haha!
Then the LONG and SLOW queue for buying photos arrived!
This was possibly the longest and most drawn out part of our tour.
We purchased our Wanted poster photo but were a little upset when we realised upon getting back to our hotel after the tour the lady who served us hadn't changed the wording to 'witches'. We still had 'Have you seen these wizards'

Quick tip make sure the wording is correct for your party before buying and printing!

A few more new costumes had been added to the Dark Arts area which I was particularly thrilled about! LOOOOOOK its Bellatrix! 
These were such intricate costumes, I went home to re-watch the film to see if I could see all the details! (you can if you pause! haha)

The Forbidden Forest was just as good as the first time! 
The spiders were not moving this time but the rest of the effects were working.
If you DONT like spiders, don't go through the long trail through the forest! There is an alternative route!

Quick Tip - Perfect selfie lighting! Grab yourself a selfie with the spiders? Buckbeak? or even a patronus!

Platform 9 3/4s by this time of the evening was pretty deserted which was awesome! No queues to take our photos with the trolleys! 

Number 4 privet drive was open again on this visit, I loved it even more this time round than the first!
Again you notice different things every visit!
Take a look at all the certificates etc on the walls in the entrance hall of the house! They brought a smile to my face!

Quick side note for you all!!!
Keep your eye out for this bad boy! I have looked for it on the last 3 visits and finally found it this time round.
Let me know if you find it!

After playing a little while longer in the Backlot we got on with the next indoor part of the tour :) 
Again lots of new additions and fun things I had never spotted before!

Hats! So many bloody hats! Each one different, each one named and each one as beautiful as the next!

I love this view going into Diagon Alley every time but have never taken a photo as its always been so busy. But finally got my tower of teetering cauldrons!

One thing I was pretty gutted about was the fact I don't get to have a photo with a Death Eater!
There were none to be seen on the hole duration of our tour!
Was dead excited to get a photo with my faves! 

More new epic costumes for Dark Arts! The Death Eaters wand holsters were a piece of art in themselves! Possibly my favourite piece of costumes I've seen!

Then finally the stunning view that greats us all at the end of every tour! 

Well recommend a trip to the Dark Arts!

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