King Cross, Platform 9 3/4s Shop insight

Kings Cross, Platform 9 3/4s

Allow plenty of time to visit! We popped in on a Friday and dear god! It was rammed!

The photo queue was huge for a Friday afternoon that we didn't even bother waiting.
Once you have had you photo taken you can pop into the shop and view your photos and purchase.
For those of you who have been to the studio tour its pretty much the same set up.

I couldn't even move properly to take any photos inside so you will have to take my word the shop was full of amazing goodies!!! SOOOOOO many things! 
A lot of items were the same as the studio tour but there were some other awesome bits I have not seen anywhere else :)

If you have anxiety about cramped and small places this probably isn't a good idea on a busy day :(
The shop was small with a lot of items and then add ALOT of people! We didn't get to look at a lot of things properly as it was so busy.

Don't think I walked out empty handed though! I did get myself some very cool Slytherin gloves that can be turned into mittens :)

Reasonably priced goodies. 
It is a MUST visit if your in London!