Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone @ the Open air Luna Cinema in the grounds of Warwick Castle

The Luna Cinema's showing of The Philosophers Stone

I booked tickets for myself and my friend about 3 months in advance, rather good job as this event sold out QUICK!

September 7th 2017, doors open at 7.00pm and the film starts at 8.30pm

Booking the tickets was made simple by the awesome Luna Cinema website which was easy to follow and easy to use.

Prices for the viewing were really reasonable for such an awesome film in such and awesome venue!!
Adult: £16.50
Children: £12 (ages 3-15)

The Cinema company offer some really great advice on their website to make your trip easy, comfortable and enjoyable.
I went back through these after the event and have copied the bullet points we found dead useful below.
I will then add some extra points below that we would like to add! haha

Bring something to sit on (blanket or picnic chair) or you can purchase Luna fleece blankets and backrests on-site or by pre-order with your tickets. (Take extra blankets to snuggle under and wear thick socks in September! Its bloody chilly)
  • In the event of bad weather the event will go ahead - please check the forecast and come prepared (ponchos and blankets will be available on-site to make you as comfortable as possible).  (Take bin bags to sit on and in and put all of your other bits and bobs in)
  • Please note that it can turn chilly in the evenings, so please make sure you bring suitable clothing. (THICK SOCKS)
  • Although all our sites are lit, it is recommended that you bring a torch to provide localised lighting.
  • Please follow steward instructions, and abide by the designated seating areas. (The staff are massively helpful and really friendly)
  • In most venues a central pathway is created within the arena. Please leave this clear to enable other audience members to move around within the arena. (People ignore this rule once the film starts)
  • Medical Staff are present at all events. If you become unwell at one of our events please contact your nearest Steward.
  • Please place all rubbish into the bins provided or take it away with you. (or take you rubbish home with you. We used one of the bin bags we sat in to pop our rubbish in)
  • No umbrellas are permitted during the screening (except at management discretion). (It spat with rain the hole time the fil was playing for us. We were fine and didn't melt in the water and neither will you!)
  • Credit/Debit Card Machines are operated by The Luna Cinema. Please note these are subject to suitable mobile coverage on the site and payment by card cannot be guaranteed. Please also note some of our partners do not accept credit/debit cards so please make sure you have cash if you intend to purchase onsite. (Take money)
ADDED - The film may not start at the start time given as they wait for darkness
Make sure you get all food and go to the toilet before the film starts
TURN YOUR PHONE OFF it ruins it for everyone seeing your white phone screen!
When the weather is bad - Luna Cinemas are epic and have got plastic ponchos!

Warwick Castle is quite literally THE best backdrop to such and awesome film. It really makes your jaw drop as you enter the courtyard!

Situated on the River Avon in Warwickshire, Warwick Castle is one of England’s oldest castles, originally built by William the Conqueror in 1608.
 Screen Location: The screen is located within the Court Yard of Warwick Castle.
Access is via the Gateway just prior to the Main Entrance (Please follow signage to the Main Entrance).

we arrived at Warwick Castle at 6.30pm after leaving time for traffic and hitting literally NO traffic! HAHA!!
Parking was really easy with attendants helping out.
We got all our stuff out of the car and off we went to find the courtyard. We arrived at the waiting point and sat down to wait. Surprisingly there was already a fairly large queue in front of us!
At just gone 7.00pm the gates opened and there were plenty of staff on hand to make this smooth.

As we entered the courtyard there was a huge lit up Welcome sign. The events are also supported by Not on the High Street . com and everyone who walked in got given a FREE cookie (these tasted AMAZING!) However I managed to get 2 cookies as the friend I went with Denika is Gluten free.

One onto the grass we got directed with our large picnic blanket to the front by the screen. We were so close we couldn't believe it! We got ourselves set up and I went in search of the toilets. Upon asking a member of staff he gave me quick directions and off I went.
On my travels I walked past a PIZZA ordering service! A gift tent and a bar :) 
This is a well catered event!
The toilets were in the castle, dead easy to find and really clean.

Got back to our blanket and we realised inside the free cookie packets there was a selfie competition to win a viewing point from a large double bed!!
YES we did enter.... no we didn't win HAHA

After our many failed selfies and agreeing on quite possibly the first one we took we made the joint decision that it was a wee bit chilly. 
Denika went off to the food trailer to grab us a hot drink and some chips each.
The refreshments were a little pricey but only the same as If you were going to any cinema.
Chips and hot drinks later and we were happy and ready to watch the film.

As we were sat waiting we had a look around a realised quite how many people were in the courtyard! It was rammed! The atmosphere was amazing :)

At about 9.00pm the film screen lit up and we were tucked in ready for the film!

A few tips - During the film in started to drizzle with rain, luckily we had coats on with hoods so this didn't impair our viewing. We had also taken bin bags to sit in which made it better. 
There were a few things I really wish I had thought about and taken with me however! 
Thick fluffy socks! Gloves, pillows to lean back on as my back started to hurt sat upright, an extra blanket to snuggle around my shoulders and I wish I had worn better shoes than my little Vans pumps.

All in all we had a fabulous evening!
Great setting, well run event, treats, friendly staff and to top it all off an incredible atmosphere involving everyone!

The Luna Cinema has more of the Harry Potter films lined up at many different awesome venues! 
Visit the site link below to have a peek and get your tickets!

 For further information please contact info@thelunacinema.com