Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

 August 27th 2017 

Part one - 1.00pm - 2 hours and 40 minutes
Part two - 6.30pm - 2 hours and 40 minutes

Tickets cost £70.00 per part - £140 for both parts

Palace Theatre, 113 Shaftsbury Ave, London

Theatre was real easy to find. We travelled into Piccadilly  Circus tube station.
It was then a short 10 minute walk to the theatre.
We nipped into one of the many fast food places located very close to the theatre for lunch before we made our way to line up for bag checks.

The front of the Palace Theatre is currently boarded up for drainage works so we had to make our way around the outside of the building to queue.

Bag check moved really quickly and extremely efficiently (big respect to all the staff)

Once in the building your handed a merchandise leaflet. This shows all the brilliant branded bits you can order and buy through out the day. I wont give anything away as it is all exclusive to the theatre.

Finding your seats is real easy and there are more than enough friendly and helpful staff located in all areas. Once in our seats we realised we had GOOD seats!! 

The stage was open (no curtains) and was set as a stylish train station.

The play started and...... WOW! I was totally blown away! 
They created on screen movie magic right in front of your eyes on stage. 
From start to finish I could feel myself smiling.

From actors and actresses disappearing in front of your eyes to sparks and magical sounds it was incredible!

The hole play was smooth flowing, easy to follow and the actors were bloody fabulous!

Those of you who have read the book and found it hard going, your not on your own! I really didn't like the book. The story I know has its flaws such as how far back in time you can safely use a time turner however as a separate story I found the play mesmerising!

Make sure to pop to the toilet before the play starts, in the break and at the end! They were really easy to find and hardly any queues. The bar was also easy to find and the refreshments were reasonably priced.

We left pretty prompt at the end of part one, we went for a walk and found the MinaLima pretty much around the corner so it would have been rude not to pop in ;)
From there we nipped into a coffee shop to grab a sandwich and drink before venturing even further to Primark to have a peek at the brand new Harry Potter bits! Of course again who could resist, may have bought some extra bits and bobs :)

Returning for part two was the same process as the first time round. 
Leave enough time for a second round of efficient bag checks, entry and seating.
On entry we got given a second merchandise leaflet with DIFFERENT dark themed merch!
This is where I felt I needed to buy some lovely bits and bobs! 
A jumper, lanyard and some stickers later we were ready to go and sit down again!

Part two of the play bought even more on stage illusions that made my jaw drop!!!
The stage was set ready for us to dive right back into the story. The new style DARK MARK was used to set the dark mood :)
Amazing acting! There was a tank of bloody water! Flying dementors that I still think about now! 
And as for the dark theme of the second act!!! WOW! 

All in all myself and the friend I went with had an absolutely fabulous day!!
Well worth the day trip in.
Its a really long day but a real must if your a Harry Potter fan!