My Harry Potter Inspired 30th Birthday Party

On April 23rd 2016 Myself and a few friends were at the Warner Bros Studio Tour  celebrating my 29th birthday. It was during this visit that my 30th birthday theme was decided! How could it be anything but Harry Potter?!

So it was a few weeks later I started to put my birthday party ideas together as I wanted it to be BIG! From cakes, costumes, sweets, food and decorations I hand crafted my party with little bits of help from my friends and family!

I have popped my photos and descriptions of how I found and made each section of my epic party! Hope you enjoy and get some ideas of your own!

Platform 9 3/4s
I bought a large section of thick red fabric from the local material shop and painted on my bricks with children's white poster paint. Once we had hung it on the main doors at the party we cut a split straight up the middle to create an awesome entrance!
The platform sign I found on google images, once enlarged and printed I popped it on some cardboard and painted in with bronze acrylic paint.

Harry Potter owl mobile

Just in front of my platform entrance I had letters on strings hanging from the ceiling and 3 gorgeous owls I purchased of Etsy from Just4FunSupplies

These came with super easy to follow instructions and all the bits to create amazingly effective owl mobiles!
The seller contacted me to find out an address and name to pop on the envelopes too!
I ordered 3 owls and each one was different! 

Harry Potter Mermaid stained glass window
The disabled bathroom I transformed into the prefects bathroom!
I gave my totally epic friend Denika lots of acrylic paint and a large canvas.
She created me a gorgeous version of the mermaid window.
We popped little fairy lights behind the canvas to make it look like sunlight shining through!

Mens toilet - Ministry of Magic
The men's toilets we turned into the Ministry of Magic entrance, I grabbed all of my pintable's from google images.

Ladies toilet - Moaning Myrtle
Obviously Myrtle had to occupy the ladies bathroom. Not only was she in the toilet, she was in the mirror and hiding behind the entrance door! She got a lot of compliments!

HP flying keys
I bought MDF keys from a local craft shop and painted them in gold and silver acrylic paint. I bought white organza table runner and tied it around the centres to create the wings.

Inflatable spider
A friend of mine lent me a large inflatable spider who we posed as Aragog above my birthday cake. (Someone had to look after it!)

Follow the spiders
Towards the entrance to the toilets we created a large trail of spiders which I grabbed of EBay. 50 for £1.99 - BARGAIN!
The cobwebs were all left from Halloween last year.
The trail went from the hall right through to the exit.
Follow the spiders!

Sorting Hat
As my main stage decoration I bought a wizards hat from Hobby Craft over Halloween last year. I used paper tissue to mache my sorting hats face and once dry, coated him in a nice thick layer of brown acrylic paint.

I created and bought other props to hide around the room

My potions bottles were a mix of empty bottles and jars from my kitchen and cool glass bottles I found in charity shops!
I found some cool printable labels on Pinterest and then filled them up with some weird and wonderful things I found lying around.
This included stones, glitter, crystals, soil, water with food colouring, paint and fish tank gravel.

Death eater mask
My Death eater mask prop was bought from Hobby Craft, sprayed with primer and then drawn on with a permanent marker pen.

MDF owl
I bought my owl cage as a flat pack from a local craft store, after I built it I was originally going to paint it but fell in love with it as just MDF.

Pom pom pygmy puff
I made Pygmy Puffs with a pom pom maker and then little faces out of Fimo, these were really fun, easy to make decorations that everybody loved!


Honeydukes was created using a normal table with a white table cloth.
Personally I thought this looked a tad boring so I bought a shoe rack of all things from Argos and painted it in turquoise acrylic paint. 
I added 2 long tubes to the back and some bunting. I created and printed my own bunting to hang across the front of the table.
I collected glass jars and bowls from charity shops, friends and family then separated my many sweets between these to add a quirky feel.
I bought most of my sweets from the local cash and carry, popping candy I bought from EBay, chocolate coins from shops over Christmas and then I made chocolate frogs from an amazing mould I found, also from EBay.
The nice boxes I had spread across the table as extra decoration were all found from google images and Pinterest.
I created my sweet labels/signs using word and changing the fonts on them all to make them look more fun.

Ollivander's was created from yet another shoe rack, this time I used varnish to make it look rustic. I found my signs on google images.
I made 100 wands so each of my guests could choose one to take away with them.

The wands were created out of chop sticks. I created each of the 100 wands with a different pattern and added embellishments to some. I painted some of them in a nice brown acrylic paint and then some in a gorgeous gold acrylic.

The boxes I made up as I went along with large sheets of card and then printed the labels again of google images.

Struggling to find places to put all of the wands I found an old cosmetics basket, popped in organza and a piece of newspaper and it made it look exactly how I imagined it should.

Daily Prophet
Dotted around the tables I threw our very own Daily Prophet print outs. I went on google images to find my clip art. A friend of mine photo shopped me into an awesome death eater picture. I then filled in all information about my party and where to find everything in the rooms etc. I built this using word.

I scrapbooked my guest book so did not want to take it with me incase anyone dropped food or drink on it. Instead I provided a selection of quills and some green chopped up cardboard for people to leave me messages. Since receiving all my photos back I have started to build all of these messages into the book with corresponding photos from the photobooth.

Harry Potter Costumes - Photobooth props
Azkaban prisoner board
My Azkaban board is just one of the many props we had in our photo booth. Our lovely photographer for the evening was Julian Grant. I have linked his website to the photos that he took of our wonderful evening. We had lots of props including, Harrys glasses, all the house scarfs, hats, wands, wings, WANTED boards, brooms and much more. The photo above is of myself and 2 of my friends in our costumes plus photo booth props.


Dark Mark cake topper
My amazing dark mark cake topper was made by an incredibly talented lady called Misha. All hand crafted to order! She kept me up to date during the full creation process. Ask lots of questions to make sure it was just perfect for me and sent lots of photos! Amazing lady! Visit to see some more of the amazing creations from Misha!

Death eater cake

Death eater cake - Whomping willow

Death eater cake - Knockturn Alley

Death eater cake

Death eater cake
My amazing cake was created by a friend of mine Hayley Keen! I asked her in January if she could create a Harry Potter cake but there was a catch, I wanted the darker side of the franchise to be shown! She sat and listened to all my crazy ideas and she made something that was totally awesome! Every little detail was spot on! From the Basilisk, Knockturn Alley sign, the wanted posters with myself and my friends on it right through to the gorgeous silhouette of Hogwarts!

All in all I think you will agree the BIG party I aimed for was totally reached!
With help from some epic people my 30th will be a party myself and my guests will not forget in a long while!


  1. Nice decorations! And cake design is so very amazing. My sister in law is planning a baby shpwer party for her best friend. Suggested her to fox the date of the birthday of mommy to be coming in similar time. Looking for various venues in NYC with other perfect arrangements to surprise her.


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