Hogwarts Running Club Review

So I had been meaning to sign up to do a virtual race with Hogwarts running Club for a while.
I love how a community has been formed around such a great idea!
Its a large group of people from around the globe who not only love Harry Potter but they also love running and supporting some amazing charities!
Now you don't actually "become" a member of the club. There is no membership.

And because I couldn't put this any better than they did...
"We are simply a community of Potterheads who are interested in getting fit, collecting some awesome HP bling, and changing the muggle-world one mile at a time. You become a "member" of the Hogwarts Running Club simply by “liking” us on Facebook and admitting to yourself that you'd gladly leave your muggle friends and family if it meant you could study magic at Hogwarts"

How awesome is that!

On Facebook you could also join the Great Hall group if you would like to find so many other like minded epic people!
Totally inspiring and motivating!
Once in you can search for your house common room and compete for the yearly house cup!
I mean who doesn't love a bit of friendly rivalry!

Before I tell you about my experience I will tell you a little bit about Hogwarts Running Club.
Hogwarts Running Club (HRC) is a charitable program administered by Random Tuesday, Inc.(RTI) – a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 47-4958349) dedicated to supporting charities focused on veterans, youth, literacy, animals, homelessness, the environment and fighting diseases.

Virtual races are fab, you can run them when, where and however you like to.
Any location. On a treadmill. Outdoors. In a 'real life' race/event.
These events can be done at your own pace, and if the distance is a bit too much you can break it down to multiple days to make it more manageable.

You can register for an event by using the website link at the bottom of this post.
Each registration costs $25 (with one or two exceptions) and includes your 'magical' custom finisher's medal, neck ribbon, and a personalized, custom digital bib.
If you live in the UK its an extra $5 for shipping.

Once you have completed your run don't panic you don't need to submit any proof to get your medal as they operate on the honor system.

I finally got my act together at the end of April and decided I would book and do it.
I read all the information of how the races work and decided to go for it!
The websites FAQ page was brilliant, it answered every single question that had popped into my head!
The website is great!
Easy to use and understand which was good for me!

I noticed the race that was currently open was the 'Unmasked 10 mile'
The chosen charity for this event was 'To Write Love On Her Arms' this would help them in their mission "pointing to hope and help and investing in treatment and recovery" for those suffering with depression, anxiety, self injury and suicide.
Learn more by visiting www.twloha.com 

Also the medal was to be a Death Eater Mask!!!

Now I read all the details and my head read 10K, brilliant!
I know I can run that.
I booked on and received the confirmation email!
I'd only read the distance wrong hadn't I (plonker)! It was 10 MILES.

After 24-48 hours you can download your electronic bib.
You can choose the name and your race number to add to these.
This was mine
Hogwarts Running Club Electronic bib

Now, not one to shy away from a challenge I set myself a day, time, route and got my playlist ready.

I was off! A nice mild Monday lunchtime run.

Now 10 miles is a lot longer than one expects.
However, I ran the first 8 miles pretty comfortably, I was really quite chuffed with myself.
I decided I was making good time and I was a little tired so I would walk the 9th mile!
All the pain and fatigue hit me as soon as I stopped to walk.
I walked (limped) the entire 9th mile.
But not to be put out I got myself together and jogged/galloped/limped/hopped the last mile.

I made it home and was delighted with myself!
Yes I was going to have a few aches and pains over the next week but nothing too bad.

I then received my medal 12 days after the event closed. 
I am beside myself with glee!
I mean just look at the awesomeness!
HRC Unmasked 10 mile run for your life medal

HRC Unmasked 10 mile run for your life medal

I did something I enjoy, something that challenged me, supported a brilliant charity and received a gorgeous medal that will be hung on my wall.

Will I do another virtual race with Hogwarts Running Club?